General Questions

  • Who can help me with any questions or problems that may arise? 
  • How will potential applicants find my job ads? 
  • Where can I log in as a client? 
  • Why can’t I log myself in? 
  • Which methods of payment are available? 
  • Do I have to cancel my contract? 
  • In what form will I receive applications? 

Questions about listings

  • Which other partner portals will publish my listing? 
  • Are there ways I can give my ad particular prominence? 
  • How will my job ad be presented? 
  • How do the various StepStone job ads differ? 
  • Is it possible to integrate a video into my job listing? 

Questions about placing a listing

  • How do I publish a job/intern listing? 
  • Can I place more than one job ad at the same time? 
  • How long does it take for my job ads to appear on the Internet? 
  • How long will my listing remain online? 
  • Can I advertise more than one vacant position in a listing? 
  • In what format and size can I submit my job ad? 
  • Where can I see how many times my job listing has been clicked? 
  • Can I place job listings on StepStone to recruit personnel abroad? 


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