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English Speaking Jobs

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English Speaking Jobs

You speak English native or fluent and want to use it in your day-to-day job? English is used as common language and universally well known. Obviously, there are lots of jobs for people with a high-level understanding of the English language, in Germany also. If you are looking for those English-speaking jobs, you will probably do best looking in metropoles like Berlin, Hamburg or “München”, otherwise known as Munich. Other great choices might be, but are not limited to: Frankfurt, Düsseldorf or Cologne, called “Köln” by Germans. Big cities simply have more international enterprises, which are more likely to have new vacancies and jobs for English-speakers.

What kind of jobs need English speakers?

As the demand for English-speaking people is set mostly in business, those jobs will most probably be related to that – so in most cases, it would help to also have expertise in areas like marketing, management and similar. With a job as an engineer in an international company, you will need to speak fluent English to converse with colleagues from other countries. If you are looking to speak English on a daily basis in your job, working in support might be just the thing for you. As employee in customer service, especially if your product is available in other countries, you will need to provide service for every English-speaking customer.

Do I need to know the German language?

If you search for those jobs in Deutschland – which you might know as Germany –, skills in German language are recommended. The same is valid for similar jobs in other countries in Europe. Although it should be said that there are many international companies which are established in Germany, but whose employees mostly speak English in the office, because many of them come from different native backgrounds. There often are also several employees in a German company not speaking German at all, because they speak mostly English with their colleagues.
To summarize, there are many English-speaking jobs in Deutschland, especially in business. The focus of your search should be in bigger cities like Hamburg or Berlin. Look for companies that are international or work in multiple countries, at least in Europe. Find all available jobs on StepStone for English-speakers above! Viel Glück!

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