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As a sales and project partner ILLIES links world-leading technology providers with the manufacturing industry in Asian markets. The company is specialized in sales of technically sophisticated capital goods and technologies in Asian markets as well as in complex project management for the local industrial user. Founded in 1859 as the first German trading house operating in Japan, ILLIES is a pioneer in East Asian trade. In its 150 years’ history, ILLIES has evolved from a general trading house to a specialist for top-end industrial machinery and technologies. Today the company is still family owned and managed – by the fifth generation of Illies – with a strong regional base consisting of 13 branches in the Asian region. The corporate office in Hamburg, Germany, provides effective support, logistics, financing and technical expertise to our teams all over Asia. Approximately 300 employees from different cultures decisively contribute to ILLIES´ success each and every day.

ILLIES´ presence in Asia:
Japan: Tokyo and Osaka
South Korea: Seoul
China: Chengdu, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong
Indonesia: Jakarta and Bandung
Taiwan: Taipei
Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi

ILLIES´ core technologies:
Textile, Paper & Printing, Film & Coating, Plastic & Metal Processing, Process Technology, Material Handling, Metallurgy, Pharma, Sanitary Products, Food & Beverage, Measuring, Technical Consumables, Industrial Machinery

Working at ILLIES:
At ILLIES, we recognize our staff as our most valuable asset. Our team spirit and our values form the core of our ILLIES corporate family. We merge the best of Asia and Europe to form a unique and highly effective multinational organization.


Our mission is to make every partnership a success. We connect time zones and diverse mentalities just as readily as complex technical issues. To us, a challenge is just another task.

If you want to learn more about ILLIES, check out our homepage: www.illies.com



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C. Illies & Co. Handelsgesellschaft mbH
Valentinskamp 18, 20354 Hamburg, Deutschland

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